Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids – Original Design

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An inflatable punching bag for kids is waiting for your punishment. It will keep coming back immediately no matter how hard you punch it. The perfect way to practice your boxing, karate chop, martial arts, taekwondo, drop kick, and karate chop till you are exhausted. It is also a healthier way to spend time than watching TV or playing video games.

A karate punching bag can be used indoors and outdoors, at home and in the office, on road trips, and camping. A blow-up punching bag for kids is a good way for hyperactive kids to release extra energy. Kid’s punching bag will provide kids good workout and prevent fights between bland brothers and sisters. A better way to relieve their stress or anger is by boxing exercise.

Punch pro punching bag for kids is easy to install. Fill the base with water or sand. Inflate the top part by bicycle pump or electric pump (NOT INCLUDED). Inflatable kids punching bags will be ready to use. When not in use, punch bag for kids can be emptied and folded to save space.

A freestanding punching bag for kids is 55 inches tall. The karate kicking bag is made of soft material. When filled with air, a karate punching bag for kids is easy on hands and feet and will not harm anyone. The diameter of the bottom base is 24 inches. Child punching bag free standing is more stable and attracts children’s interest in exercise. Tae kwon do punching bag can withstand kicks and punches, and will always bounce back up for more.

The punching pop-up bag is designed to keep fit, practice boxing, karate, etc. Punching bag inflatable help relieves stress in a safe way. Punch pro for kids is popular as a birthday gift, a Christmas gift for the whole family to play together. Inflatable products will have natural air leakage. It is recommended to inflate 1-2 times a week. In the unlikely event that you see leakage on the product from shipping, use the included vinyl plastic patch to repair it.

3 reviews for Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids – Original Design

  1. Amazon Customer

    They work just fine.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Me agrado que estan envueltos divididos em 5 por paquetitos y no se danan como cuando vienr todos en un mismo paquete????????

  3. Big W

    Seem to be good, but since I will only be able to tell in 20 years when I open those packages, I will update this in the year 2043( hahahah…not)

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